Holiday Pop Up Shop in Livingston Manor

Holiday Pop Up

65 Main St.

Livingston Manor, NY 12758

November 30 - December 24

Saturdays:  11am - 5pm

Sundays:  11am - 3pm


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'Tis the season for beautiful and unique Christmas decor!  Custom orders are welcome.

Custom Requests Welcome!

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About Me

Hand Painted Treasures

My goal is to reach as many people as possible that love unique kitchen essentials and home decor. Hand crafted products are a treasure and for lovers of art and handmade goods, there is no better option when choosing items to suit their style.

The Essex Studio Farmhouse Collection creates stunning additions to modern farmhouse decor.  The Woodland Collection is perfect for those rustic cabins and woodsy home decor.

I often use upcycled pieces that I collect because I love to give discarded glass a second life.  Each  glass is cured for durability and will last for many years!  

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